Code of Ethics

OverviewA Code of Ethics is applied to each healthcare profession. The principle of the code is to exhibit the morals, values, and ethics that should be used in patient care. Think of the Code of Ethics as rules and regulations set forth by an institution or governing body. In every situation, care must be taken […]

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For this assignment, you will work on setting goals for yourself using the SMART method. You will find an explanation of this method in the module that will guide you in your goal-setting process. You will list a minimum of five professional goals that you would like to accomplish during the clinical experience in this […]

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Cardiovascular Disease Presentation

Full order description: ? MAIN DETAILS Make sure to address the guidelines below in your presentation: Literature Search: Conduct a brief literature search using recommended textbooks, Pubmed, CINAHL, or other reliable sources to explore the significance and determinants (causative risk factors) of the chosen chronic disease. Summarize key findings from 5 studies (minimum) that came […]

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Cultural Factors

Question: “How do cultural factors impact healthcare practices and outcomes? Consider the influence of cultural beliefs, traditions, and communication styles on patient-provider relationships. Provide examples of successful cross-cultural healthcare initiatives or potential challenges, and discuss the role of cultural competence in promoting equitable and effective healthcare delivery.” Answer: Cultural factors cast a profound shadow over […]

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Describe the plans to maintain, extend, revise, and discontinue a solution or intervention after implementation Foundations of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in Health Care Slusser, M. M., Garcia, L. I, Reed, C. R., & McGinnis, P. Q. (2019). Foundations of interprofessional collaborative practice in health care. Elsevier. ISBN-13: 9780323462419 Answer: After implementing a solution or intervention in […]

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Drug Abuse

In chapter 4, we learn that there are different things that affect how drugs work in the body. Choose two of the factors that influence the effects of drugs, and discuss which you believe plays the biggest role in determining how drugs affect individuals. Share your insights and reasons for your choice Answer: In chapter […]

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1 Please describe a challenge that you have faced either personally, professionally, or academically. How did you overcome this challenge? What resources did you utilize (if any) to assist you? What lessons did you learn and how will you use this experience in the future? 200 words. 2 Please describe your communication style(s). Describe a […]

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Reflective Essay

write a reflective essay that addresses the following prompt: What are three sociological concepts that will help you be a more effective and empathetic colleague in professional spaces? Describe and explain each concept using specific definitions and examples. Some foundational sociological concepts you may consider as part of your response are as follows. Sociological imagination […]

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Civil War

Review the political, economic, and ideological reasons for the outbreak of the American Revolution and the Civil War. After your analysis of this information, answer the following questions: What makes the Confederates different from the American colonists? What makes the Union different from England? Why were the American colonists considered Patriots while the Confederates were […]

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In this assignment, you will find 2 clips. The first is the dancers explaining the first act of Giselle and the second is dancing from Giselle from the mad scene which is found at the end of the first act of the ballet. Please note that the characters are called: Giselle, Albrecht, Hilarion, and Bathilde […]

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