Creativity and Innovation

The understanding and application of innovation and creativity are very much important for the success of entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals. The main focus of this research paper is to define and establish a connection between innovation and creativity.  Creative thinking helps to focus on innovative things. Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. Creativity increases the ability of an organization to develop unique and new ideas as well as looking at operations from a different perspective. Innovation and creativity play an important role that helps to deliver the successful outcome of a safe workplace. Exploring new ideas and stimulating creativity lead to the increase in the productivity of an organization (Woodman, Pasmore, & Shani, 2009). Creativity improves the problem-solving process. Innovative approaches and creative ideas can come from anywhere from customers, employees, customers, and partners. The business world is changing rapidly that requires innovating methods and creative things to cope up with the business environment. The research paper focuses on the importance and needs of innovation and creativity for an organization. Creativity increases the ability of an organization create, invent new techniques, bringing things into existence and producing through imaginative and advance skills (Cheung-Judge & Holbeche, 2011). Innovation helps an organization to bring new and ideas into departments that are important for the growth of an organization.

Main Body

Definition of the Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is defined as the function of knowledge, imagination, curiosity and the evaluation of the learning. It is the deemed to be dependent on the knowledge base thereby helps in the creation of the formation of the new patterns and also the formation of the new patterns takes place (Fisher & Williams, 2012). The innovation of the new products and the services takes place by the help of the iterated forms and also the patterns are seemed to be embryonic in nature. The evaluation of the developed ideas also helps in the construction of the business with the enhancement of the ideas.  The enhancements are made for the creation of the appropriate business process in the organization and thereby it also helps in the construction of the invention, discovery, and the creation process. These three processes also determine the awareness of the creativity and also determine the levels of the creativity (Gupta & Banerjee, 2016). The discovery is the lower level of the creativity, may it be in the form of the problems or the awareness programs in the organization. The invention is the higher level of creativity and thereby the identification of the new problems can be focused on the enhancement of the problems. It also helps in the identification of the new changes that can be made for the growth of the organization with determining the future perspectives. The creation is the highest level of the productivity which helps in the providing the creation of the system with thereby also helps in the enhancement of the organization and also the needs have seemed to vary with the approaches made for the creation. 

The definition of the innovation can be provided as the method of implementation of the changes that are made in the organization with the understandings of the workplace, business practices and the external relations (Berkhout, 2007). Changes are made that seemed to be dependent on the factors of the capital replacements and thereby the undertaking strategies are made for the growth of the future perspectives with the creation of the management strategy. It also affects the prices of the capital replacement with the creation of the extension in the organization in perspectives of factorisation, customization and the regular seasonal or the cyclical changes made in the organization (Stetler & Magnusson, 2014). Thereby it also depicts the net changes that took place for the enhancement of the future perspectives and also the improvement of the product takes place with the considered innovations.           

Differentiation Between Creativity and Innovation

The main difference between creativity and innovation depends on the focus that is created by the organization. Creativity is something that unleashes the potentials of the mind to conceive the new ideas. It also signifies the concepts of manifesting the ideas that seem to be dependent on the number of ways, and it also helps in the creation of variations in seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, etc. with keeping in view the facts and figures of the organization (Hilles, Ding, & Ahmed, 2009). Creativity is the subjective matter that seemed to be dependent on the creative measures with the creation of the assertion. Innovation, on the other hand, seems to be dependent with introducing thee concerned ideas and thereby it also helps in the identification of the unmet needs. The identification of the unrecognized applications is made in an organization for the enhancement of the creative resources and reaps a return on its investment (Sawyer, 2006). It also helps in the creation of the creative resources that seemed to be applicable for redesigning the resources for the organization.     



It represents an imaginative process.

It represents the productive process.

It is not quantifiable.

It can be quantifiable.

It represents the creation of the new ideas with the imaginations and the possibilities.

It represents the introduction of something new which needs to be effective as per the new market.

It represents thinking something new.

It represents the introduction of something new.

No money consumption takes place with consisting of no risks.

Both the consumption of money and risk takes place.

 The table shows the differentiation of the creativity and the innovation in the organization and thereby the action producing sense is seemed to be creating the sense of the action producing sense (Hinsch, Stockstrom, & Lüthje, 2014). Therefore the differentiation of the creativity helps in the creation of the innovative ideas and thereby creativity and innovation are seemed to be very much crucial for the growth of the business or the organization.  

Theories and Practice of Creativity and Innovation in an Organizational Setting

The theories regarding the creativity and the innovation of the organizational setting depicts the enhancement of the creative process and henceforth the process consists of the several creativity with analyzing (Howard, 2014). The information helps in the enhancement of the problems that depicts the communication of the sequences and thereby the testing sequence helps in the consideration of the sub process with attaining the creative outcomes. The identification of the problems helps in the construction of the problems and the sequences that depict the electronic solution regarding the implementation of the creative process. The theories also help in the generation of the sub- process that occurs in the sequence with the creation of the management and innovation. The process also helps in depicting the process that is seemed to be using the management practices and the correction helps in the creation of the management practices which depicts the creation and innovation of the organizational settings help in the creation of the social media and the innovation technology (McIntyre, 2011). Promotion of the organizational values practices is followed for the enhancement of the organization with the purpose of hiring the creative peoples. The consideration of the theories of the creativity depicts the Darwinian theory of the evolution of the ideas and henceforth the creation of these ideas provides the path for the enhancement of the environment’s organization. The enhancement of the growth of the model helps in the creation of the variation of the generation and thereby the brainstorming flashes helps in providing creative ideas to create the market innovations (Roupas, 2008). These three processes help in the creation of variation, selection and the retention with the identification of the barriers for the ideation performance. To create a favorable environment, both the needs are fulfilled with the generation of many ideas and thereby establishment of the capabilities are seemed to be very much essential for the growth of the organization and behavior of the person. The individual characteristics also help in the creation of the individual characteristics and thereby it also helps in the creation of relevant cognitive process (Rozman & Kovač, 2015). Dominant relevant skills are also required for the enhancement of the persistent trait with thereby including divergent thinking ability. The complex interactions regarding the work settings also help to enhance the contribution factors of the individual which proves to be functioning as an antecedent condition.          

Mind Map

A mind map is the graphical representation of concepts and ideas. It is the visual thinking that helps to structure information, data, analyzing in a better way and developing new ideas. It is one of the most important learning techniques that allow the users to draw or generate maps or documents. Creativity is the ability of an individual that are used to come with new ideas for the improvement of organization process (Buzan, 2006). On the other hand, innovation is the development of ideas that can be applied to something. 

Creativity and Mind Maps

The above mind map shows how the mind mapping is used to enhance and complement innovation and creativity. The mind map shows the branches that include thinking concepts, complimenting, thought provoking, defining problems, brainstorms, capturing, assessing and collaborating. New ideas, methods, information, and techniques are determined and evaluated with the help of mind map (Müller, 2013).  It clearly shows the branches and roots of creativity and innovation. It acts as the trigger device for the brain, creativity explosion, knowledge sharing and innovation. It is based on the principles of creativity and supports the innovation and ideas generation. The mind map will allow the audiences to analyze the elements of innovation and creativity as well as increasing the probability of integration, creative association, and innovation consequently. It is considered as a most effective tool for the audiences, and they will be able to evaluate the importance of creativity and innovation. The facts and relationship between innovation and creativity can be understood clearly.


This semester has been very important to me as I have started reflecting on the way I think. Though I appreciate each and every aspect of the learning opportunities provided by the course of MBA, yet this particular chapter has enhanced my thinking and understanding of the creative process as earlier I had found it to be quite difficult. Though at the initial level I have faced a lot of hurdles in developing the skills of practicing mind maps, yet it has been one of the most fruitful studies in mu life so far. The reason behind this is that on a regular basis I have the need of using mind maps electronically. At the initial level, I did not have the single idea about drawing mini mind maps and creating central images to have a better understanding of any theory, situation, etc. But I took the help of my friends as well as my professors to get to the bottom of the subject and in the end, I have been able to develop myself so much that I can even draw mini mind maps that have creative central images while taking notes.  This course has made me understand and realize that there are various ways in which creativity can be developed and without innovation, product or service would eventually cease to exist. One of the main problems that I faced during this process is to go deeply through all that data that came on my way and thus I was lagging back because of this. For this reason, I motivated and trained myself to learn to speed read which later on helped me a lot. Also when I get worked up a lot, I try to deviate my mind by doing something totally different from what I have been doing and this helps me to come to work with a fresh mind where I can churn out new ideas and innovative thoughts.

Case Study of Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation are rapidly becoming the necessity for the contemporary business organizations, without this, the business organizations cannot accomplish their goals and objectives as well as cannot keep pace with the continuous development process so that lag behind the rivals. In this context innovation and creativity is becoming the latest trend for the contemporary business communities (Thompson & Choi, 2006). Moreover, in this matter there are several renowned companies of the modern age such as Apple, Samsung, IBM, HP, DEL can be exemplified. All these companies can be able to accomplish significant growth and development due to the creative ideas, which they have brought in the market as well as the innovations which help the companies in carrying out their business in a right track so that they achieve this type’s magnificent growth. In this context, the name of giant toy maker Lego can be included; the company also achieve substantial growth because of their innovative ideas and creativities. Lego is the leading toy makers as well as 6th biggest company in this specific field (Rein, 2014). This is a Danish firm, and the founder of this firm was Kirk Kristiansen, who established this firm in 1932 after the failure of his small carpentry workshop. He switched from the workshop business to toy business and started to make and trade wooden toys, which accomplish success in the market. Afterward, he purchased an injection moulding machine and initiated to make toys with the plastic materials, which also gave good performance in the market. After passing of the founder-owner Kirk Kristiansen, his son Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen took over the company and in 1958 he launched Brick Toy Company to compete in a more ways, and it opened the door for the company for unlimited building capacities (Tschmuck, 2006). Moreover, since then the company is running with the vision of “inventing the future of play” and has accomplished significant achievement in the field of toy making.                  


Creativity and innovation are both quite important for the success of individuals, organizations and an entrepreneur. Creativity can be defined as the process where an idea gets generated, and innovation is defined as the implementation of that particular idea that has been newly generated. Thus an entrepreneur would need both creativity and innovation to be successful as a newly generated idea would be noting without properly implementing it. Divergent and convergent thinking styles help in enhancing the transitioning process between the two concepts of creativity and innovation that helps an individual to become more creative and innovative in his approach towards work. Exercising or getting engaged in recreational activities helps proper blood flow to the mind which helps an individual have a fresh approach to work. By incorporating the process of speed reading, an individual can also gain a lot of knowledge and information within a short period. 


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