Hobbies That Make Money: Have Fun and Get Paid

Very few people would have thought that their crazy fun hobbies can actually make them big money. Some realize this early, but most of them realize this very late.

This article will help you in understanding how your fun hobbies can make you money, plus it will give you a list of profitable hobbies with which you can earn money.

I have seen many people who have interest in a particular sector, but they work in completely different one – just because they don’t know how they can make money with their hobbies and passions.

I have a friend, she used to ask me – is there any way she can make decent money without having much tension.

Here’s what I did:

I asked her, to make a list of her favorite hobbies, and then told her to shortlist them on the basis of profitability and at the end – voice over came to her conclusion.

She is right these days doing voice over videos on youtube and she is making around $700-1,300 per month through ads.

If you also want to know how you can make good income with your hobbies. First go through this list of Hobbies and then shortlist what you can do, And then start working on it. I hope it sounds cool to you.

Traveling: Almost everybody love traveling, even I love traveling so much. But, now the question is, how can you make money with traveling?

Do you know many travel agencies and business owners actually pay you to travel and stay at their resort for free? But, how to start everything when you are new.

It’s simple – start a travel blog, and start writing reviews about different places you visit. These travel agencies and business owners would approach you and pay money or offer you to stay at their resort for free, in return of your review on your blog or social media.

On top of that, your travel blog is going to make you money with ads and product sales.

Not only this much – you can also start a travel related youtube channel if you are comfortable to come on camera.

Take Online Surveys: If you have a hobby of surfing internet then you can sign up with online survey companies, where you would need to participate in paid surveys, complete them and get paid. This is a fairly easy job and you would need 20-30minutes of your time.

You can even answer these surveys while drinking coffee or while enjoying television etc. Using this method you can make around $350-500 per month in extra cash.

Start a Blog: Ok! This is one of my favorite method! If you have an habit of writing or sharing your knowledge then you should definitely consider blogging.

Blogging gives you a freedom to share your knowledge about the niche in which you have experience.

You can simply start a blog and start writing things you want to, it can be anything like – if you are a pet lover then you can start a pet care blog, if you are a kid lover you can start a kid care blog and so on.

I keep on talking about blogging and money related stuffs all day, I have big passion in this niche. That’s why I started this blog so that I can share what I know and even if just 1 person would say my knowledge sharing helped him/her anyway, I would be so glad.

I would highly recommend you to start a blog about whatever topic you like and start sharing knowledge about that niche, don’t think about money. Yes, obviously you will make tons of money with blogging.

Many bloggers are making $30,000+ per month. It has great potential, plus you can also fulfill your hobby this way.

My #1 Recommendation to start a blog is: Bluehost. I have used many top hosting services and wasted a lot of time and money. Here is my what I am going to say you – see time is money. If you are new and want to start a blog – Just go with bluehost.

Driving: Do you love driving car? I simply love it. If you think you love driving car then you can take up jobs like uber or lyft.

You can drive people around and make money with your skill and hobby. It can potentially make you $18-25 per hour.

I know one guy who is working with lyft, and he is making good side income, plus he is always happy. Because he simply love driving, so it’s not big work for him.

When You Love Grammar: Are you someone who like grammar? You can easily take up proofreading jobs to make quick side income.

It’s rapidly growing industry, with more and more articles and contents coming online on the internet, people are looking for someone who can take care of proofreading.

You should start giving your proofreading services on sites like freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc. And you can get paid well per article.

You can do this job while having your snacks. And can make almost $15+ per hour.

When You Love English: You can take English classes for students and kids. You would enjoy teaching these kids plus you are going to make $20-25 per hour.

It’s a scalable model too, as you can work hard and can increase the number of students and your income will keep on rising.

My aunt takes English classes, it keeps her busy and she makes good $2,500+ as side income.

Freelance Writing: There are many writers out there who like to express more with their writing talent.

If you are one of them who love writing, then you can become freelance writer, and take up jobs like content writing, content rewrite, ebook writing, bulk writing etc.

Where to find clients from? The answer is: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc.

You can even find work in freelance writing groups on facebook. Just search for “freelance writing groups” on facebook and join them.

You can charge $15-35 per article when you are starting out, and once you start getting clients regularly. You may increase your price to $35-75.

Yes, for good quality write ups, people are ready to pay that much, sometimes even more.

Small Advice: Don’t hesitate – you can become freelance writer in any niche like dog, health and fitness, make money online, food recipes, etc.

Cooking: Ok! So you love cooking/baking? Fantastic! you have multiple options to make money. Yes! never think that – cooking is just going to feed you good food, but it is also going to make you good money.

Have you ever seen on internet there are so many food recipe blogs and videos. Even there are multiple cooking based magazines – so there are multiple options for you.

You can simply start a blog and share your knowledge about cooking. Or if you are comfortable coming on camera you can record your cooking techniques and share online.

People are always looking for healthy food recipes. Plus, you can also take cooking classes, where you can teach students how to cook tasty healthy food.

I know one lady, she started her cooking class just beside my house. And she is now having decent number of students and making $1,000+ side income.

Photography: Are you someone who constantly take photographs? You love taking photos? You know you can sell these photographs online and make money out of them.

There are sites like – Shutterstock, iStockphoto etc, which can help you make money.

Actually number of bloggers and websites are rising, and they need awesome looking photographs for their blog posts and not everybody is good with photography. So, they constantly buy photographs online.

My best friend, she clicks a lot of photos and she sell them online. She is making $400-500+ every single month just with this part time work.

Gaming: You love games? Then why not you create a game yourself and upload on google play app store and earn money with it. You can do this and you never know it might even turn into a really big business in no time.

Online games are addictive, so if you create something good, people are going to play and might get addicted. And, Games are something which spread through mouth of words very quickly.

If you can’t create games. Then I am sure you can play them and record a video while playing and upload the video on youtube. There are a lot of crazy fans who love watching game play videos.

Your income will come from youtube ads. On top of that, there is one more option I can give you – you can also create game playing guides. It is a hot niche with very less competition.

Spend Time on Social Media: Social media is addictive and today almost everyone is using social media to socialize with people.

Ask yourself how much time do you spend on socializing on social media – Is it too much? Do you love being on social media? If yes, then you can make money with this habit.

You can choose one niche and start sharing detailed knowledge around your niche on social media, and try to build your authority in such a way that people would start to believe you are a knowledgeable person in that niche.

Start connecting and socializing with people, and now start promoting helpful products and services in that niche.

You would start start getting sales, and thus, making you profits.

Now you must be thinking what is the earning potential of using this method. Then let me tell you, I had seen one girl, she started a 60 days weight loss success challenge on social media. And each day started sharing what she is doing, what she is eating, and her results.

After two weeks I started seeing people were so impressed with her results that they started to ask her what she is using in supplements and diets. She started promoting weight loss diet courses.

This way she started making $100-400 each day in commissions selling these weight loss diet courses.

Making Crafts: Are you good with making crafts? I have a cousin sister she love making crafts. Even I use to love making crafts in my teenage. I still remember the first thing which I ever made was a soft toy – tortoise.

It took me almost 1-2days to make it, even though I was a complete beginner that time, and had never made a craft before. I asked a shopkeeper how much he can pay me for that soft toy and he told me $25-30.

I think it’s a good deal for a fun work, you can make crafts like handmade cards, toys, art and sell them online.

People are always looking to buy handmade stuffs. You can use sites like Etsy to sell your crafts.

Graphic Designing: It’s a high paying job if you are good with designing. You can design logos, websites, sale pages, ad banners, visiting cards etc.

Graphic designers charge around $40-50+ per hour. You can use websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc, to get clients.

Let me tell you one secret – everyone who comes to make money with graphic designing starts with logo designing mostly.

I would say – yes obviously! logo designing is profitable. But, you should also need to focus stuffs like – sale page designing and ad banner designing. These categories have lesser competition, plus big money can be made.

Just to design one sale page designers are charging around $400-800, depending upon how big sale page is.

Teach Music: I have taken music classes, I wanted to learn guitar when I was in teenage. I have seen earning potential with music classes, as you would find many students willing to pay you to learn music. There are tons of passionate music lovers.

It can be singing, disk jockey, instruments – each niche has its own demand.

You can either go offline route and take classes – people are charging $65-80 per 2 hour sessions.

There are Online options too – you can open a music blog, or can even open a youtube channel where you can teach people.

There are many music teaching channels on youtube which makes money promoting their online courses and ads.

Do Voice Over: You think you have good voice then you can use it to make money. Voice over service is in high trend, and its demand is going to rise in coming years.

Business owners, product creators, youtube channel owners etc, they are always looking for voice over services for their videos.

They will give you texts to read and your job is just to read and record it. You can make upto $50-100 per voice over projects, depending upon length obiously.

Become an Extra Actor in Movie and TV: Can you act? If yes, then you can try your hands with acting projects by becoming extra actor in Movies and TV.

With the rise of entertainment industry there is big requirement of extra actors, you can get paid $30-50 per hour.

Plus, I am going to tell you one unique way – you can give video services online on sites like Fiverr, where customers look for people who can make review or testimonial videos for their product and services, product sale page video anchor etc.

Create Ebooks: Ok so you have knowledge and passion about any niche let’s suppose – weight loss! Then, you can create an ebook, teaching people about how to lose weight.

I have myself written 9 ebooks, and have made $28,000+ selling them online. Simply choose any topic to start with, create an ebook and start selling them using sites like Teachable.

You can charge $17-27 for your ebook, and with just 100 units of sale, you will end up making $2,700 per month. You can grow it into $10,000+ monthly income source if you work hard, and be consistent.

Make Money with Youtube: I have a friend, she started a youtube channel just few months back – teaching dating tips for men. And in no time she is at 100,000+ subscribers.

I almost daily talk to her, and she says Youtube changed her life completely. She use to waste time watching Netflix all the time, and she use to spend almost all of her money in shopping, you know already how much women love shopping! She use to struggle with her bills a lot.

Now, with Youtube income she is enjoying life and has no worries about her bills. She says – With Youtube videos you can earn through multiple income source like display ads ie., adsense.

Second, you can earn with sponsors. Often companies related to your niche approaches you to sponsor videos in return of a shout-out about them in your video.

Third, You can also promote and review products in your videos and put your affiliate links in the description, so when visitors buy something using your affiliate link – you earn a commission.

There are people making $1+ million with Youtube alone – So it’s a big fish!

Shopping: Almost every women love shopping! My mother love shopping a lot too. When I go out with her on shopping – she usually takes whole day in shopping – Going to shopping with my momma, is like spending whole day with her carrying bags!

But, do you know you can earn money while shopping? Become a mystery shopper! Many Companies actually pay you to take surveys and tell them what you think about their products and services.

These are one of top companies which pay to mystery shoppers – BestMark, MarketForce, Sinclair Customer Metrics, Intelli-shop etc.

Event Planning: If you think you are good in planning events like birthday parties, marriages, corporate events, standup comedy events, music events etc. Then, you can try event planning.

Yes! if you have less marketing budget to start with, you will need to do a lot of leg work. But once you start getting clients and earn some money, you can hire few people to join and help you.

You can start slow – like initially you can start with birthday party events for kids. Then, once you do it successfully! start scaling up your business. You can make $1,000-5,000 with event planning per month.

Video Editing: Whether its Youtube or Social Media, videos are everywhere. From business owners to marketers to Youtubers, everybody need a video editor.

Demand is high, in fact many people doesn’t even know how to edit videos so they like to take services to get help with video editing.

If you find video editing a good job, then you can get clients from Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Social Media video editing groups, Youtubers etc.

You can charge them $50-200 per video edit. I have a friend she does video editing and she is charging $100-150 to edit a video of length 5-7minutes.

Baby Sitting: Kids are cute, and if you are someone who love to be around kids and who is comfortable taking care of kids, then you should do baby sitting.

You can get $15-25 per hour just to be with baby and taking care of them.

Walk Dogs: Are you a dog person and love taking care of dogs and other animals? Then you can earn money by taking care of them.

You can take others dog for walk, and get paid to do it. People are earning $400-600 for few hours of work.

Decorate Homes: A lot of women are good with home decorations, if you are one of them who love decorating rooms, dinning rooms, kitchen etc. You can help others by providing a home decoration service.

Plus, you can also start a blog around home décor. It is a big sector on internet, and can give you big number of audience in short span of time. There are multiple home décor bloggers who are earning $20,000-50,000 per month writing about home décor tips.

Dancing: I see a lot of women love dancing, in fact many of go to clubs just so that they can dance. Dance is a great art, if you can do it, then its amazing as you can make money with this skill.

Take dance classes! I had joined one dance class for a month, and I saw almost 12-13 students where there in one batch.

You can also – start a youtube channel and sell your online course around dance. (plus ad revenue)

There are More Hobbies which you can use to Make Money:

  • Exercise Tutorials
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Painting

I hope I have covered a lot of hobbies which you can use to make money. Now, choose whatever suits you the best, and start implementing it to make extra cash.

Don’t forget to share this post on social media & pin it on Pinterest!

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