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Human resources management is a practice that helps a firm to select the right people for the right job at the right moment of time and this increases the productivity and performance level of an organization. Human resources department of TANMIAH FOOD GROUP focuses on the employee performance and design their strategies in order to provide better service to the customers. The human resources are concerned about managing people who works under the organization and ensure that they work following the terms and policies of the organization. The organization apparently has enlarged their business worldwide. The management of the organization supports their employees by motivating and providing them necessary training. Human resources practitioners of TANMIAH FOOD GROUP have structured their organization in a way where they promote the statement of development by training. They have appropriate reward structure such as performance appraisal and incentive schemes. It is important for an organization to recognize and appreciate the skill of the employee by rewarding them with appraisals. An enterprise implements policies so that they can govern the behaviors of the employees and direct them to work in a more organized and strategic manner. 

Human resources management is the managing of an organization by assessing the skills of the employees and training them according to their need. Human resources management is the valuable asset of TANMIAH food group. Contemporary economy of the world is changing quickly, the phenomenon like deregulation of global market and change in customer demand are affecting the competition level of the world. The companies are failing to achieve their goals just because they lack planning. Human resources management should work effectively for the concern of the organization and help in optimizing the employee service by regulating the structure of the organization (Ciuti et al. 2015). Researchers have scrutinized the market to determine the factors that affect an organizational work culture. They have deduced that accomplishment of organizational goal is largely dependent on employee satisfaction. The statistical analysis of various researches have shown that human resources management needs to persuade the employees to elevate the quality of their work in order to induce the competitive element of the organization (Shuck and Rocco 2014).

Ethical responsibility of TANMIAH Food Group:

Success and non-success of an organization is directly dependent on the coordination and geniality that the organization shares with the employees (Pett, Manroop and Linton 2015). The human resources management of TANMIAH FOOD GROUP is supportive and ensures that the employees get protected working environment ( 2016). The code of conduct that represent the ethical structure of the company is responsible for the treating their employee equally and fairly (Storey 2014). The human resources management is accountable towards the employee for any discrepancy in following the code of conduct that delineates the rights and responsibility of an employee (Pandey 2016). They have a fair reward structure that obliges them to pay rewards and appreciate them with necessary appraisal based on their performance level ( 2016).  Safety and protection are the two key points that the HRM of TANMIAH FOOD GROUP focuses on to shield their employee from hazards that can happen in a workplace environment. The human resources management of the enterprise depicts that they do not support harassment or biasness in their organization. Gender, sex, nation and physical disabilities oriented harassment are beyond toleration (Riley 2014). The authority takes necessary steps against the person who commits this kind of heinous crime. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP also promotes safety and welfare issues of the organization. They provide health and safety training to the employees. They encourage consultation and cooperates with the employees in their health related issues. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP also have a “speak up” hotline where employees can relay their grievances.

Social Responsibilities of Tanmiah organization:

The organization effectively promotes that every employee receives respect and dignity that the employees deserve (Wong et al. 2015). TANMIAH food group undertakes activities to assist the employees to strengthen their relationship. Employees are so absorbed with their scheduled work that they do not get any time to communicate with each other. The human resources department of the organization ensures that they ensure group activities for the employees in lean days so that they can know each other and bond better with co-workers. The organization has expanded knowledge on the fact that a happy workplace means less conflict that will ultimately help the organization to maintain their standards (Sobaih, A.E.E., 2015). Every employee receives equal opportunity in the workplace adhering to the rules and regulation enlisted in human rights legislation. The organization regulates under a forum that scrutinizes reviews and recommendations to instruct the safety and health insurance team of the organization to work in more active manner. They continuously promote and improve their heath benefit policies.

TANMIAH organization is a well-known brand. It launched in Saudi Arabia in 1962. It is a famous distributor of food that has opened their branch in 7 countries. Human resources management of TANMIAH organization is highly responsible for the growth of the organization. The HR team supports the organization by providing them by hiring capable and competent employees who assists in achieving the goals of the organization. Strategic value of human resources is its role in strategizing organizational goal and elevating the position of TANMIAH organization at a suitable position in global market.

Human resource is an area that concentrates on expanding the platform of an organization by recruiting employee. The primary job of human resources professionals is to mange human capital of an enterprise. Human resources department recruits employee depending o their skills. The management of TANMIAH industry analyzes and identifies the skills of an individual and co ordinates with the requirements of the organization and take the decision of hiring an individual (Tarasuk, Dachner and Loopstra 2014). Company recruits individual so that they can increase competitiveness of the organization. Recruitment is a procedure through which an organization gets to choose from hundred or sometimes thousand of entries and selects the candidates according to company’s requirement. Organizational planning requires recruitment planning so that they can ensure effective management of the institution. TANMIAH food group hires staffs in adequate number so that they uplift the competition level in global market. Maintaining the competency level in market is the only way to calculate its position in world market. 

Recruitment Planning:

The organization supports both internal and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is the selection process that helps the organization to choose management level candidates. They never hire external members for managing level they always select competent members who is associated with the organization for a long time. TANMIAH organization provides training to the employees to enhance their knowledge and skill.  The company hires team member and assistant manager externally to extend the influence of young minds in the organization. Internal recruitment has two ways:

 Employee reference: TANMIAH industry informs the employees working under the institution that they can recommend suitable candidates and guide the organization to select potential candidate for the position.

Social media: The organizational pertinently uses social media so that they can spread the news of selection procedure. Prospective candidates can reach the organization through e-mail.  Interested individuals can send their resume directly to the human resources. The HR of the organization store the resume for the future usage when there will be vacancy. There is a job opportunity page of TANMIAH organization where interested candidates can send their resume. 

They select candidates following the selection and recruitment procedure of Saudi Arabian legislation. The authorities of the field design the selection structure. Team member has to go through a readiness inventory test that helps them to assess the quality and skill of the employee. 

Procedure of recruitment:

At first, the human resources manager goes through the company database in order refer capable candidates to the organization. If they find appropriate candidates based on skills from the database, the HR recommends the organization to hire that person. 

If the Human resources department has to hire people from outside, they circulate advertisement on newspaper about the job vacancy that is available in the organization. After they gather enough candidate resume, they start the selection process. Selection is done based on qualification (Raeis et al.,2013). The organization informs the qualified candidates and calls them for interview. The human resources professional of TANMIAH food organization takes entry-level test of the candidates to assess the capability. Based on the result of the first list a second list, the human resources professional notifies the qualified candidates so that they can arrange second phase of the interview with CEO. The candidates who will qualify will ultimately get the job adhering to the terms and conditions present on the legislation of employee rights. TANMIAH food organization chooses team members at part time basis. The organization allows part time team members to continue with their studies.  

Legislative matter:

At each stage of the recruitment procedure the employers needs to follow carefully the rules and regulations mentioned in the legislation for the human rights. They should not indulge in discriminating a candidate by his/her age, nation, caste and religion. The company s is the law that acts against the age discrimination factor in employment. The employee rights of Saudi Arabia prohibit a recruiter to show preference to men or to women while hiring. Very few legislation allows protection against the discrimination on marital status and sexual orientation.  If the supervisor and the manager are associated with the interview procedure then the company should ensure that they have proper training in communication skills that the interview procedure requires. The legislation indoctrinates that the employment process should follow proper public authorization. 

Performance Appraisal

HR workplace planning is essential and the recruitment planning is part of their job. The manifestation of the recruitment framework helps the organization to employ the suitable person for the appropriate position (Bernardin and Wiatrowski 2013). The human resources management assures that the candidate they choose is will fulfill the criteria structured by the organization. Human resource is the field that concentrates on profit maximization of the organization. Profitability comes from the employees who are actively working for the organization. In today’s world, almost every organization uses this performance appraisal technique to motivate the employee so that they can work more efficiently. Performance appraisal helps the organization to evaluate their employee both formally and informally (Farrell 2013). The definition of performance appraisal is the tool to deduce whether the resources of the organization are used effectively or not in order to achieve organizational goal. The organization did not feel the essentiality of performance appraisal in the organization but as the global market is changing, it has become necessary to acknowledge the talent and appreciate them to prohibit them to drifting away to another organization. 

There are two types of performance appraisal- formal and informal.  Formal appraisal structure is important to fulfill the needs of administrative decision-making (Pestonjee, Gupta and Delery 2015).  A good manager will always scrutinize the skill of the employees and praise them according to their progress and skill. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP evaluates all its employees according to their productivity capacity. Depending on the evaluation, They plan employee retention, increment and incentive plans. The performance of an individual assessment takes place and then feedback about individual employee is given. Feedback comprises of strengths and weaknesses of a candidate and relying on that organization plans whom to give training. Legally valid appraisal documentation is essential and for that, evaluation of performance appraisal and personnel decision is important (Townley 2014). The goals of the organization should be clear to the employees so that they can perform better. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP has structured the appraisal in such a way that the organization can benefit from the appraisal structure. TANMIAH industry presents appraisal to the best and quality workers of an enterprise rather than the quality worker of the organization. The subordinates, supervisor, managers and other sources that are relevant evaluate the performance of the employee. According to Hörning et al. 2015, performance evaluation of teamwork depends on the evaluation of the functional dimensions. The supervisor assess individual contribution and then co ordinate it with the whole teamwork.  

The manger of TANMIAH food organization has full power to provide training to the employee and assist them to improve the level of performance. Appraisal technique of TANMIAH FOOD GROUP has helped the organization to detect the employees who are performing brilliantly and who are performing poorly. In order to retain customers the organization induces the employee to attend training sessions. Performance appraisal of TANMIAH organization provides a systematic methodology so that the employees of the organization can thrive. The enterprise pays retail vouchers as appraisal of their performance. The vouchers are not supplement of income rather it is a token of appraisal that will increase spirit. Progression in career is the main factor in working environment.  They offer benefits that are non-cash by nature. Non-cash benefit involves discount packages for the staff. They provide eye care vouchers and income protection for all the staff. Salaried employee receives medical insurances. Contribution scheme is available for employee and employer (Cooper and Baird 2015). 

Flexible working hour:

Flexible working is the arrangement that organization provides to the employee (Dixon et al.  2014).The employees in this case are given greater advantages and let them schedule their own work. Through flexible working hour gives independence to choose their working hours according to their feasibility. Person who supports flexible work programs says that it is very significant to recognize flexible work as it is important to realize the difficulties that an employee confronts. Employees have to balance both family responsibilities and workplace responsibilities. Supporters of flexible work program say that this arrangement brings agility to work place atmosphere. This practice is now getting common as many organizations has started restructuring their employee benefit framework by applying this new practice (Lee and Lee 2016). The organization authorities is metamorphosing their work culture addressing to the change that is taking place in the workplace environment of the companies all over the world. 

Successful impact on the organization: 

TANMIAH FOOD GROUP is the organization that has realized that flexible hours will help those retaining employees and accelerate energy level of the employees so that they can supply better productivity. The company allows flexible-working practices to the employees as they value their employee. They hire manifold workforce (Kelloway et al. 2012). There are people who want to work only for fewer hours of a day. Flexibility hours have benefitted them extensively as they have been able to retain employee. The productivity level of the employee has also increased. They have facilities like trading hour and pattern that enables their employee to choose shifts according to their desire. Many employee in the organization work according to their chosen shift and they allow their employee to choose their desired shift timing as they treat them equally. They encourage their employee and offer guidance so that they can easily facilitate under this practice. This has boosted the energy level of the employees of TANMIAH enterprise and has helped their organization to prosper. This is the part of workforce planning which has generated greater workability in the organization. They have allowed their employee to balance their personal and professional life by introducing flexible working policy that is why they have been able retain 11% of employee than other years. 

Well-being of the employee:

Well being of the employee is an important criterion in working environment. An organizational environment should be stress free so that the employees can work in a relaxed manner and ensure greater productivity to the organization (Todd and Binns 2013). According to Kooij et al.2013, an organization should try to reduce the stress level so that the employee can perform better and concentrate properly on his work to carry out his duty efficiently. Stress at workplace is common these days so TANMIAH FOOD GROUP promotes well being programs to ensure that the employees are healthy and glad in the workplace environment. Human resources management of the organization ensures that the organization arranges revitalization programs to lower the stress level of the employees (Andrews and Withey 2012). In January 2013, the organization initiated a well being challenge program that every employee had to participate in it. The employees later commented that they were very satisfied with the program as it enabled to know the importance of being healthy (Sørensen and Holman 2014). They have helped the employees to understand the essentiality of fitness. They promote programs so hat an individual can have their sugar and cholesterol level tested. The organization offers an environment where employees can work freely. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP effectively thinks about the well-being of their employees that is the reason they occasionally engage them in refreshment programs. This kind of programs helps to relieve them from stress. Stress is the part of organization but employees thrive in a stress free environment. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP is an organization that helps their employee by motivation and guidance so that they can avoid stress. Fitness programs that they undertake assist the employee to control stress and improve functionality. They are famous for their stress reduction activities. They influence the people of the organization to participate in health related programs so that they can get free health checkups from the physicians. The organization have an employee friendly work culture where the employees without being stressed. 


An organization is a place where activities like hiring, allocating and supervising helps in achieving the organizational goals. The structure of an organization varies according to its operational modes. Human resources management is the prime tool of an organization that allocates candidates so that organization can run effectively and maintain its production level. While hiring, human resources management should consider he need of the organization according to which selection of the candidate should take place. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP is an organization that allocates and trains employee to increase the performance and production level. Based on the performance level they provide appraisals and support the employee through engaging them in well being programs to address to the health related factors of the employees. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP is an organization supports employee and perceives about their welfare. 


Firstly, TANMIAH FOOD GROUP should guide human resources management to recruit candidates according to the need of the organization.

They should regularly asses the performance level of the organization and co relate it with the performance of other organization and train the employee to uplift their performance level

The authorities should make sure that their organizational goal is clear to the employees

The goals concerning employee management should have relevancy so that they can establish long-term plans 

The goals should be effective from 2015 onwards. TANMIAH FOOD GROUP needs to set up definite organizational planning which will help them in their future development. 


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