Interview: Alexander Australian market


Discuss the appropriate type of interview.


Alexander has been appointed by John and his sole responsibility is to intensely analyze the prospects of Australian market and determine the best business that would gain sustainability. In this part, Alexander is required to conduct an interview to the Officer of Auckland Chamber of Commerce. The nature of the interview would be structured in nature, as every single feature of the conference would be determined in advance. The questions to be inquired, the order in which questions to be asked, time scheduled for each of the respected members and other parts as well are decided in advance. Brinkmann (2014) has stated that the structured interviews are called standardized, directed or the preplanned interview, as they are precise and accurate in nature. Before conducting the research work, permission is required to take over the telephone or through sending email. However, it can be stated that conducting telephonic interview before conducting the face to face interview, it helps in better understanding of the type of the interviewee. Therefore, considering other related phenomenon, structured interview is highly necessary for this specific kind of research work (Bryman & Bell, 2015). 

Initially focus is required to shed on the environment, as the environment is required to be comfortable, circle seating and there must be an arrangement of tape recording for the future use of this interview in the analysis procedure. Presence of a moderator is highly required, as a powerful moderator is skillful in all types of group discussion. Use of the pre-determined questions as well as establishing the permissive environment largely depends on the moderator (Csikszentmihalyi & Larson, 2014). 

 Discussing the overall key attributes face-to-face conference as the means of assembling pertinent information

Doody and Noonan (2013) have stated that the design of the interview questionnaire generally largely depends on the fact that what the interviewer wants to gain through the interview. It is required to determine whether there is a demand for exploratory data (i.e. qualitative information is required for the reason of improved understanding or the generation of the new theories on the specific subject) or the quantitative data (in order to check particular hypotheses that have already been produced). Based on the nature and demand of information, the interview questionnaire would be analyzed. For this particular interview, face to face structured interview has been selected and thus it is required to discuss the key attributes of this interview type (Duncan & Fiske, 2015). 

In order to become deeper the understanding of the marketplace, convention research employs extensive or the embattled primary research to go further than what can be exposed through the secondary research work. However, Eriksson and Kovalainen (2015) have stated that the in-depth interviews are the most adaptable format of the primary research work and as Alexander is engaged in primary research work, it is necessary to depend on this type. Alexander has selected this particular interview type, as this face to face structured interview helps in gathering those data that are highly sensitive in nature. Alexander is required to be a well experienced interviewer that can become accustomed with the discussion, as the discussion might not flow precisely in sync with the conversation guidelines or the feedback form (Fraley & Hudson, 2014).

Gibbs (2012) has stated that a good interviewer that can significantly tailor the discussion to the objectives and sustain more control over the received data. The potentiality to conduct a complex or the even technical interview is the ability to observe how the little pieces fit together. Therefore, the selection of this interview for this particular case is justified enough. 

Discussing the principles to consider as the major characteristics of focus groups and discussion

Irvine, Drew and Sainsbury (2013) have stated in his research work that the focus group was initially called focused interviews or the group depth interview and judging the nature of this research case, the selection of this interview is well justified. Therefore, a focus group can be defined as a group of interacting individuals having some common interest or the features, brought together by the moderator, who utilizes the group and its sole interaction as a way to gain data regarding the specific or the focused group. It can be stated that the focus group give proper information how the group of the people think and feel about the specific group. As the interview would be conducted with the officer of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, they are expected to provide useful information about the recent trends of the industry along with their sustainability (Kamberelis and Dimitriadis, 2013). 

It is expected that the interview would give greater insight into the fact that why certain options are held and give greater insight into the best market options available in Auckland. Apart from that, it can be seen that the face to face interview has helped to enhance the planning and design of the new effective programs. However, it can be stated that this specific interview would provide the means of evaluating the existing programs for determining the sustainability of the businesses. Moreover, it can be stated that the face to face interview with the officers of the Chamber of Commerce of Auckland has helped Alexander to produce proper insights for developing effective stratagems for the outreach. It is required to state that as the ideas of the focus group is to take the advantage of the effective group discussion; it is highly significant to use the data at the group level (Krueger & Casey, 2014).

Discussing how to record focus group data in relation to the case

The focus group is a group interview of approximately 4 to 5 people who share the similar characteristics or the common interests. In order to gain data from the focus group, it is required to record the data with the help of voice recorder. Kwong, Thompson and Cheung (2012) have stated that focus groups are a qualitative data collection approach, meaning that the gathered data is descriptive and cannot be measured numerically. Therefore, recording the data gained through face to face interview would be helpful for Alexander, as this data would be used in further research and analysis of the best suitable market trends based on the amount of profitability. As the face to face interview is helpful in getting more in-depth data on the particular perceptions, attitudes, insights, experiences as well as beliefs, Alexander has conducted this with the board officials of The Chamber of Commerce of Auckland. In order to record data of the conducted interview, Alexander is required to take prior permissions from the people in the respective board. This procedure would help to preserve data for future use. Apart from that, it is regardless to say that the major points that would be highlighted in the interview would be documented for the official purpose (Mohr et al., 2012). 

Providing significant features of a facilitator in conducting focus groups

A focus group is a marketing research tool in which the small group of people engages in a round table discussion of the selected topics of interest in an informal setting. Mullins (2012) has stated that the focus group discussion is typically directed by the moderator who properly guides the discussion in regards to obtain the opinions of the group or reacting towards particular products or any kind of marketing-oriented issues are known as the test concepts. In this case, Alexander has considered the respected members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland as the focus group (Paulo, Albuquerque, & Bull, 2013). 

Mullins (2012) has stated that community moderators are accorded the highest level of privilege in the community and they are the examples of the positive behavior and the leaders within the existing community. Therefore, the general criteria for the moderators are that they are required to be patient and fair enough and they are leaded by several examples. Apart from that, it can be seen that they show respect for their fellow community members in their performed actions as well as words. Moreover, they are open to some light but firm moderation in order to keep the community on proper track and resolve uncommon disputes and expectations. Therefore, it can be stated that a moderator is selected based on their activities along with achievements so far in the community. However, it can be stated that having every moderator in subedit have proper access to the full moderator powers cam be a bit problematic (Paulo, Albuquerque & Bull, 2013). 

Justification of the recommendations

In this case, a non-probability sampling technique has been used in order to fetch data from the respected members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland. As John has appointed Alexander for conducting a research work on recognizing the best business option for investment considering the sustainability, Alexander has conducted an interview with the respected members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland. It is regardless to say that in this case, selecting the focus group and gathering data from them is the best possible option and thus this selection is justified enough. Therefore, it can be stated that this selecting non-probability sampling technique has justified the selection, as the non-probability sampling is a sampling technique where the samples are collected in a procedure that does not give all the individuals in the populace the equivalent chances of being preferred. All the respected members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland have been selected based on the research requirements and thus it can be stated that the selection is proper (Pendlebury et al., 2013). 

Clearly illustrate and provide the list of business industries

From news, it can be stated that hundreds of the game developers along with the analysts and the publishers have presently went down on Brighton for the yearly Develop Conference. This was a discussing regarding how to construct money in a quickly fragmenting marketplace, however, there were some interesting forward-looking sessions, largely concerned with where the games industry as a whole in heading; not so much in terms of the plan of the game. Therefore, it can be seen that the members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland have suggested that prosperity of gaming industry is high and John can invest his money in this sector (Rowley, 2012). 

Stewart and Shamdasani (2014) have stated that many gamers prefer to fantasize regarding their ultimate gaming experience and speculate what the future might hold. Therefore, selecting gaming as the business to invest is one of the best options for John and thus it has been selected. This industry is one of the widespread interests now, as the human beings of the present era have cutting edge technology on the horizon. 

 This above mentioned picture has stated that the revenue earned through online gaming was gradually expanding and thus investing in this sector is profitable enough.  

This above mentioned picture has clearly stated that investing in the gaming industry is one of the best options for John, as the future of the game industry has high prospects. 

Presenting the outlined procedure and scope of sampling research method

Initially John has gathered data from the members of the Chambers of Commerce of Auckland regarding the best business option to invest considering the sustainability. After that, to become sure enough regarding the selection of the business option, Alexander is required to gather data from the probability technique as well. In order to do that, John is required to prepare a survey questionnaire and distribute online. The data gained from the online distribution of the sample questionnaire would help John to understand the demand of games among them in the present day. Therefore, it can be stated that both the probability and the non-probability sampling technique would help Alexander to gain data from two different sources and this would shed emphasis on selection of the business option for Alexander. Data received through online distribution of survey questionnaire would help Alexander to analyze the present market scenario along with preference towards selection of this business option (Spradley, 2016). 

Critically discussing and evaluating the formulated key points

Based on data gained through both the online respondents and the members of the Chamber of Commerce of Auckland, Alexander has found that selecting gaming business as the best business option. The research methodology used in this case is the probability sampling technique and non-probability sampling technique and these two have justified the selection of this research paper. The game companies Activision, UBISOFT, E.A. Sports are the three leading game companies that lead the gaming world. The above mentioned pictures have shown that there is an increasing tendency in earned revenue and thus it can be stated that investing in this industry is one of the effective options for John after conduction of the research work by Alexander. 

As a business researcher, Alexander has followed a thorough business research procedure and the combination of interview with the members of Chamber of Commerce of Auckland and the data gained through online distribution of survey, Alexander has proposed a business option for John. It has been seen that John has won $1.4 billion and this much money is efficient enough in starting the new business. Therefore, it can be stated that the research paper has significantly followed a proper research methodology; the best company in this industry has been discussed, and other relevant points to test the credibility of the statement has been made (Stewart & Shamdasani, 2014). 

Providing logical recommendations

It is regardless to say that $1.4 billion is huge amount of money and thus with the help of this amount, John can open some other business as well. John can open a five star hotel, resort and restaurant, as the potentiality of this industry is comparatively high. Apart from that, it can be said that a current learning of the multi-national companies by the workplace counselor and the research firm have published a report stating some great place and business of the present era. Google has topped in this list and thus it can be stated that John can start working in collaboration with this organization. The revenue earned is $ 55.5 billion and thus the market analysis states that this business is sustainable enough. Therefore, it can be stated that John can start working with Google, as the future of this industry seems to be bright enough. It has already been mentioned that John might open a hotel and restaurant in Australia and thus it can tie its business knot with Marriott. They earn revenue of $ 12.78 billion and the future of this business as well seems to be enough bright. Besides this, John might start business like EMC, as it sells data storage space, information safety, virtualization, analytics, cloud calculating and some other products as well as services that facilitate business to store, manage, protect as well as investigate data. These are the best available options to John for investing his money.


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