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Managing people within organization is very important for the development perspective of the organization. The present scenario is about experiencing rapid growth with the help of technology and other modern approaches implied for satisfying the organizational goalswithin several industries (McShane and Von Glinow 2015). Satisfying the demands of the customers has become very challenging to the entrepreneurs for achieving a good position in the competitive market. These goals may be achieved by organizing the employees in innovative way with proper management strategies. 

This report is elaborating the functional disorders taking place within the Pluto Telecommunication due miscommunication and lack collaborative relation between the sales, marketing and consumer service department. The report is presenting detailed information about the problematic situation of the organization with proper recommendation for resolving it. 

1. Problem identification

The managing director of Pluto telecommunication Veronica Tsang has called up a meriting for discussing the problems, Pluto communication is facing at the present situation. 

Lack of communication: There is serious problem regarding the communication between three departments: sales, marketing and consumer service. The customers are dropping complains against the bad production received from the company. One example of this issue can be provided: one customer dropped question about the new combined fax, answering machine and telephone to the customer account manager. The manager took whole three weeks to collect the information about this product from the marketing department. 

Decrease in number of customers: The numbers of customers are getting decreased in Pluto Communication, which is only due to the lack of collaborative nature among the organizational members. An example about this is: the sales staffs had promised their customer for the installation of the new system to their premises at the time non-standard period without consulting with the customer service department, which hampered the installation. 

2. Analysis

Problem rose within the Pluto Communication are needs to be analyzed for the improvement of the organization. For analyzing the internal condition of Pluto telecommunication it has become mandatory to do the organizational network analysis. Here, for analyzing the organizational networking three models have been used: McKinsey 7S model, Autocratic model and theory X and Y model. These three models are explaining the problematic aspect of the organization with its appropriate situation analysis (Pinder 2014). The following explanations with the models are totally relevant to these problems. 

2.1 McKinsey 7S Model

McKinsey 7S model can be used for the proper balancing of seven key factors within the Pluto Telecommunications. (Hassard and Cox 2013). Lack of communication within Pluto telecommunication can be understood by analyzing these three hard and four liquid factors. The internal condition of the Pluto Telecommunication is discussed with respect to the McKinsey 7S model. 

Strategy: Pluto Telecommunication utilizes one side strategy, which introduces lack of communication among the employees of the organization. One side strategy introduces the process of communication where one is continuously communicating with the other but other is not replying. The internal communication system of Pluto communication is just like this.  

Structure: Pluto Telecommunication uses conglomerate structure, which allows each department act like a single business, which creates the miscommunication problem. If one department is always consider their success then the combined goal of the organization can be fulfilled. 

Skills: There are lack of skills among the leaders of the Pluto Telecommunication, this introduces problem within the organization (Brewis et al. 2014). Lacks of leadership quality among the leaders of the Pluto Telecommunication are causing the disruption in work procedure in Pluto. 

System: Pluto Telecommunication follows the departmental system within their infrastructure; this introduces problems while combining the goals of the organization. The marketing, sales and customer service department focuses only in their department. 

Style: Pluto Telecommunication follows the general style organizational structure, which does not add any value to the organizational goal. Organizational structure is core factor which evaluates the effectiveness of the organization. General style of Pluto Telecommunication cannot specifies the goals of the organization properly towards their employees, so the effectiveness of the structure get reduced. 

 Staff: Lack of staff training is another deficit of Pluto Telecommunication. Pluto Telecommunication does not arrange any special type of development programs for their staffs. This shows the ineffectiveness of the management. 

Shared value: Lack of leadership qualities among the higher authority of Pluto Telecommunication does not share value with the employees which cause their dissatisfaction (Ben-Ner 2013). 

2.2 Autocratic Model

The base of the Autocratic model is related to powerful management orientation of the authority (De Board 2014). In Pluto Telecommunication, there is lack of leadership qualities among the higher authority of the organization. This failing leadership quality within Pluto Telecommunication results into the displacement of organizational vision from its original position. Autocratic model shows how the employees are influenced by the organizational heads or managers of Pluto Telecommunication (Ben-Ner 2013). In Pluto, there is a conflicting situation among the sales, marketing and customer service department. This situation rose because the heads of these three individual departments are motivated by different aspect within the organization (Vanichchinchai 2014). These experiences results into various reactions, according to which they influences the employees working under them. This Model evaluates the responses from the employees about how they are guided by their mentors or managers within the organization, this aspect may help Pluto Telecommunication to understand the disabilities of the organizational structure. 

Autocratic model of organizational behavior also provide the strength of the structure of Pluto Telecommunication (Stokes et al. 2013). It estimates the annual cost of Pluto which also states the position of the organization in the competitive market. Though the models have some deficiencies such as, it provides high human cost. 

2.3 Theory of X and Y Model:

Theory X and Y model is another model of analyzing the motivational influences provided by Pluto Telecommunications to their employees.  The most crucial issue the employees of Pluto Telecommunications have is their lack of motivational aspect(Bostic 2016). The employee relations are motivated by an aspect highlighted in Pluto Telecommunication. This issue is: three departments of Pluto Telecommunications have different kind of motivational influences from their experiences, which leads to the imbalance in understanding any problems raised in Pluto. There are several incidents where the lack of leadership quality is highlighted. The customers were complaining for the late installation of the machine to their premises. This incident happed as the head of the sales department did not consult with the customer service head, which shows the disability of the management team. Management team of Pluto Telecommunication could not set rules for entire system which results into the customer dissatisfaction (Stokes et al. 2013). 

Theory X: Theory X states that, employees get unmotivated and starts disliking the working, which encourages the authoritarian style of management (Miner 2015). According to the scenario of Pluto Telecommunications, the employees of sales, marketing and customer service department are unmotivated by their team head so not only the internal relationships are hampered but also the employees lose their interest in the atmosphere of Pluto Telecommunication. 

Theory Y: This theory explains the style of management that is decentralized in nature. This theory explains that the employees of any organization are happy while doing their work and they are being motivated by their superior. The Pluto Telecommunication should follow this theory to recover their performance.

3. Alternatives

There may be several solutions provided for the problems of Pluto Telecommunication. These alternatives are given as follows:

3.1 Alternative for lack of communication

Lack of communication can be resolved in Pluto Telecommunication by following steps:

Highlighting key factors: The leader or higher authority of Pluto Telecommunication should highlight the key factors about the goals of the organization. This will not only motivate the employees but also improve the team effectiveness. 

Establishment of Baseline: The baseline for the Pluto Telecommunication is the increment of the productivity and customer satisfaction. This assess the problem statement can help the managers of Pluto Telecommunication for resolving the problems. It provides prosperous way to communication (Kassin et al. 2013).

Smart decision making: The management of Pluto Telecommunication needs to be smarter in making strategies for the organization. This results into the improvement of the competitive advantages of Pluto and provides the organization a better positional aspect in the competitive market. A decision influences the communication aspect within the organization.

Arranging communication resources: Proper data collection may help the organizational head of Pluto Telecommunication to be informed about the communication process and it will guide the head for analyzing the solution (Pettigrew 2014).

3.2 Alternatives for failing leadership

The following are the processes; those will reduce the problem of failed leadership:

Focused viewpoint: The leaders of Pluto telecommunication should be more focused about their combined organizational goals. The departmental heads are only focused on their individual goals, which is not enough for the development of the organization. 

Collaborative nature: If the collaboration among the marketing, sales and customer support is established then the organizational goal can be easily achieved, which is the core target of the organization. 

Creativity: This is another perspective for which the Pluto Telecommunication can achieve their lost position in the competitive market. Pluto Telecommunication have lost their internal stability due to internal clashes of marketing, sales and customer service department, so some creative strategic step by the manger can resolve this problem(Clampitt 2012).

3.3 Alternative for motivational aspect

Following are the steps which can save the employees of Pluto Telecommunication for getting unmotivated:

Involvement: If the departmental heads of the Pluto Telecommunication involve themselves in the problems then it could be easy for them to resolve all those. Rather than doing that they just focused on their individual departmental needs. 

Encouragement: The leaders of Pluto Telecommunication should encourage their employees to build up proper atmosphere for working. 

4. Recommendations

Pluto Telecommunication is an established company which had lost their position in the competitive market due to several issues within the organization. These issues can be easily resolved by following recommendations:

Improving leadership qualities: The Pluto Telecommunication should hire some experienced and skilled leaders or management heads, which will make the organizational structure better. 

Improvement of communication: Three departments of Pluto Telecommunication have lost their interest of communicating with each other, which is resulting into the decreased production and misunderstanding between the employee and higher authority. 

Improvement of organizational structure: Pluto Telecommunication does not have any proper organizational structure for achieving their goals, so this requires more attention. 

5. Plan of action

There must be two set of actions plans for the development of Pluto Telecommunications:


Pluto Telecommunication is suffering from some problems related to internal clashes among sales, marketing and customer service departments. The report consists of the elaboration of the problems within the Pluto telecommunications. There are some recommendations provided in this report to resolve these issues. The problematic situations are provided with respect to three models, which show the impact of these problems on Pluto Telecommunications. These models are McKinsey 7S model, Autocratic Model and Theory of X and Y model. These three models are evaluating the strength of the problems within Pluto Telecommunications, which reflects the lack of communication, failed leadership and lack of motivational aspects among the employees of the Pluto Telecommunications. The recommendations are provided in accordance with the problems.  


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