Strategic Business Plan for Business Partner

Discuss about the Strategic Business Plan for Business Partner.


One of the most famous dairy company in Sydney and as well as Australia is Bulla Dairy which has gained great faith from people with their dairy products like; table cream, ice cream, cottage cheese and imitation creams under some specific brands. The company has put their steps in the industry in the year of 1910. They have acquired two major companies in the local which are; Colac ice works and Regal Cream which was continuing as a major part in Australia till 2004 and re-bagged by Bulla Dairy. They have given employment to 450 employees in their company in the Colac Victoria and Mulgrave. The company is running their business in the national areas and did not expand their products in internationally directly. The exports some major companies outside of the Australia but it could be better for the company to market themselves and promote the as an individual in the international context.

The business plan which could bring a great impact on the company is collaboration strategy. This strategy can introduce this company in the international context. The strategy speaks about merging with other bigger company in the international and national context to get attention in the public concern. Thus, the company can get all the information from the experienced merged company about the market. Even, that company can get the advice on running the business in the international field. Understanding of the competitors will be easy for the merged company when they get in touch with the experienced organization with whom the small company or the new company will collaborate.

Business Plan

There are some objectives of a collaboration strategy. The objectives and goals are as follow:
Corporate objective:
Strategic goals

These essential targets are picked by the top organization with the gathering by the watchman association headquartered at Australia. They are:

  • To continue being an affiliation giving the quality things to the important customers.
  • To pick and hold the master people for the membership (Catagnus and Hantula, 2011).
  • To augment a surprising corporate picture.
  • To satisfy the customer through an extra normal organization and a splendid group nearby the complete key and operational sponsorship.

Tactical Goals

The top organization of the Bulla Dairy associations on a yearly start devises these targets together with the discourse of the lower level delegates (Coffie and Owusu-Frimpong, 2014).

Operational Goals

Operational goals are picked by the Bulla Companies top organization in a meeting with the lower level delegates. They are taking after the possibility of an organization by targets. Each illustrative is doled out its destinations and is told what is expected of him, and a short time later he is surveyed on the reason of particular principles and headings took after consistently by the association (Dent, 2011).


Positioning Strategies

It infers that an association tries to offer a picture to its thing in the mind of the customers. To give an honest to goodness and a positive photograph of the thing is the best arranging. The association should propel its incredible centers or relatively favored point of view which it has over its adversary (Dent, 2011).

Partition Strategy

There are various bases on which a thing can be isolated, yet dairy has isolated its thing on the going with base:

Thing Differentiation: Dairy things isolates its thing from its adversaries on the reason of brand, quality, and taste (GOEPEL, 2009).

Picture Differentiation: Logo is used for picture division. The logo is the thing that develops a brand name in the buyer mind. It is the brands recognizing confirmation, check, and picture.

Promotional Strategies

Price Stratagem Skill Elevation: Bulla Family Dairy Company offers inspirations to focus men or retailers in a way that they offer them free cases and free Dairy things. By this, these retailers and focus man push their thing in the business area. That is the reason Bulla Dairy seen more in the business segment (Keay, 2011). They have a respectable arrangement in the business division in light of the way that according to the expert which thing has seen more in the business part that offers more.  

Sale Elevation: Bulla Dairy Company furthermore does sponsorships with a different school and school’s bistros and patrons their amusements events and other extra instructive projects practices for getting a bit of the pie. Conventionally they keep their coolers near the path of the stores. Bargain Promotion Company similarly does sponsorships with a different school and school’s bistros and supporters their diversions events and other extra instructive modules practices for getting a bit of the general business.

Getting defers: Bulla Dairy associations things gets or purchase racks in immense departmental stores and demonstrate their things in those racks in that style which show their thing clearer and additionally engaging for the buyer (Kotler and Armstrong, 2006).

Distribution Channels

Bulla Dairy Family Company makes two categories of selling

  • Straight selling
  • Secondary selling
  • Straight Selling: In the direct offering, they supply their things in shops by using their particular vehicles. In this kind of offering, an association has more net income (Kotler, Jain and Suvit Maesincee, 2002).
  • Secondary Selling: They have their whole merchants and associations to cover all zone. For giving their thing in incredible way association has given base these joints, Freezers, Display racks et cetera.

Advertisement Strategies

Make a business that clearly states in exceedingly clear substance the centers Bulla Dairy Company need to highlight about their things. Research the spots and outlets that are well while in transit to connect with their target business division (Kotler, Jain and Suvit Maesincee, 2002). Case in point, setting up a corner and signage at an area agriculturist’s business division can attract a dedicated client base. Approach neighborhood markets about having your thing put in their grocery stores “close-by” or “ordinary” sustenance’s portions to make a taking after. Place commercials on TV channels, locales and preparations at risk to be passed by the inside to high society families you are concentrating on. Use your examination to hone their advancing framework (Kyriazoglou, 2010).

Bulla Dairy Family company use altered methods for advertisement like:

  • Print Media
  • Helpers Material
  • TV commercial
  • Posters and Holding

Competitive strategies

Bulla Dairy is an ordering power in the Dairy business and sets a lifted desire of contention. Research shows that its trademark is seen by more than 85% of the world’s masses. Various variables are adding to Bulla Dairy’s flourishing:

Marketing: Bulla Dairy was among the pioneers of publicizing systems and styles used to get a horde of individuals. It was around 1900 when Bulla Dairy began showing their imprint dairy things like a delicious and resuscitating formula (Mahnken, 2012). This aphorism has been repeated for all through the latest 100 years for offering Dairy in Australia. The photo has been naturally presented in our psyche by the advancing exertion.

Innovation: Bulla Dairy has had the ability to get by in the continually hinting at change business part because of its ability to intentionally improve and pass on new things (Nabi and Talib, 2015). It was clear that the business area was changing and to stay mindful of these movements, Bulla Dairy expected to move from a singular focus thing to a total dairy association. The association began working in a decently recognized environment that was unfeasible in before years. In no time Bulla Dairy offers around 200 particular things in is such a far decision the dairy business. This is made possible by the association’s ability to create and acclimate to changing markets.

Globalization: Advancement is reliably developing business and these relentless changes have been making it more achievable and beneficial for associations to amplify their operations thoroughly. Without further ado, Bulla Dairy abusing the sweeping pay open entryways made possible by appreciating an Australian business area (Olins and Selame, 2002).

External factors affecting the business plan for bulla dairy

The external environment on any business is major for promoting the business to a new level. It is also important for the Bulla Dairy to understand the external environments that can affect the business plan for expanding and implementing the collaboration strategy for the company (Alexeev, 2014). Though the collaboration can give a rough idea to them if the collaborate with other companies in outside of Australia, it is measurable for them to evaluate the PEST analysis for their future improvements (Alexeev, 2014). The PEST analysis of another market is as follows:

PEST Analysis

PEST analysis stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors. The PEST analysis is given bellow:

Political Factors:

Politics in other markets is not the same as Australia. There are different contexts of politics and their laws which can affect the business process for Bulla Dairy in the international contexts (Hopp, 2011). However, in the collaboration strategy, it is highly noticed that the many companies could not afford to sustain in the market as they don’t know the policies and regulations of the law. The political powers and political measurements were beyond their acceptability. Thus, it is also applicable for the assumption of Bulla Dairy’s international collaboration (Hopp, 2011).

Economic factors:

Australia is a rich country, and there is a few country which is as rich as Australia. Thus, collaborating with other companies in a different country could be costly for the Bulla Dairy (Norman OEPP EPPO Standards Guidelines on pest risk analysis Lignes directrices pour I’analyse du risque phytosanitary, 2012). They might get implication to adjust in the economic demands. The price could be less of their products in a new market. Thus, it is important to get all the information from the collaborating partners about the economic condition of that particular country.

Social factors:

Social cultures are not same also in different regions. It is the fact that many countries have their perspectives of foods and lifestyles. Accepting foods are not same in all country. There are different religions and different perspectives for the choice of foods. In Australia, people takes all kind of foods. However, in China the acceptance of food is different, for example, they use to prefer more the meets, use deserts instead of ice creams. In this way, Bulla Dairy should understand the political factors that can affect the foods that they produce. By collaborating with other companies can be barriers to using the traditional products that Bulla Dairy produces. In this way, the collaboration can impact on their productions (Strauss, 2010).

Technological factors:

Technology is one of the most important factors for any business. Australia is developed with the technology. There are many countries in Asia and another market which are not technologized that much. So, that could be a great factor for the company for collaborating with any company which is established in this regions. Bulla Dairy should understand the technology that they have to use while processing the products in the new market. In this way, the collaboration may affect very much (Strauss, 2010).

Positive and Negative Sides of Collaboration Plan

Everything begins with the benefits of collaboration game plan. Here is a summary of the most plainly obvious:

Higher impact preparations: There is a close relationship be tween’s some makers and impact component (Paley, 2005). Next to no all the more ought to be said. This is doubtlessly more an impression of the way that extraordinary science requires the joined attempts of various incredible analysts. 

More imaginativeness: Interestingly enough, when you consider Broadways musicals those that had an evening out of people who had collaborated before and complete outcasts were the best. Joint endeavors tend to back such mixes (Robinson and Robinson, 2005).

Less work: Done all around, facilitated exertion suggests less work for everyone without exchanging off on results.

Input: Collaborators will most likely let you realize that genuinely you are not wearing any pieces of clothing. Debating musings are also fundamental for creative ability and achieving Group Genius ability to bring more experience to uncover: Once you have envisioned the idea for an endeavor, the work transforms into a movement of issues you have to get it. Exploiting the appropriated information of a social affair extends you chances of dealing with issues more successfully (Sack, 2010).

More broad display of procedures: Within any give lab bundle, office, association, or association there are simply such countless available to answer the investigative request that premium you. Collaboration makes all methodologies open. 

It all inaugurates with the disadvantage of collaboration plan. Here is a list of the most obvious:

It strength be illegitimate.  In a couple of urban groups, it’s illicit to act as a business on the off chance that you’re not one. Amsterdam chose that unlicensed motels were not legal. We’ve seen tantamount choices in urban zones like New York and Berkeley. It’s difficult to progress if sharing has been viewed as criminal behavior (Shin, 2012).

The original is better than secondhand.  No furthermore unwrapping new recordings. You’re getting just pre-worn stuff for whatever is left of your life, Johnny. New things have their charm. They’re sparkly, unbroken, and with no other individual’s untidy fingerprints.

The allocation outlook challenges outdated values.  Call it hippy-dippy; call it radical progressivism; call it unfriendly to consumerism; call it the counter recommendation of what a strong society is based; open if the need emerges it whatever you require.  

Governments recoil to protect taxable proceeds.  Over the world, we see governments at the area level, and as a less than dependable rule chose, restrict the sharing of homes or cars, as it significantly disturbs arrangements of activity, assessable livelihoods, security, transient guests, and existing establishments (Shin, 2012).


From the above report, it is clear that though there are some implications in the acceptance of collaboration strategy for the business but, there are some changes which will be helpful for the Bulla Dairy to accept the business plan. In the report, the strategies and goals have delivered a significant consistency if the company follows them in the international market. The marketing is one of the most important factors to gain the customer base. Thus, proper marketing can make them better in the international market. The promotion will be the best way but, that should come with the collaborated company. The higher level company can introduce the new company, and that will gain faith from the customers in the new market. PEST analysis shows that the company should understand the market where they are going to establish their new step before collaborating. Apart from that, the collaboration should focus on the faith and reliability which is most important for any company when they are new in the field. There are some advantages of this plan. The company should focus on the advantages and should reduce the disadvantages to making sustainable relationship with the senior company. This adjustment could help the organization to understand how to make their market in the new place. They can get more information and also more advice from that company also.


From the above discussion, it is recommended to be more focused on their business process and analyze the factors that the affecting the collaboration badly. The organization have to reduce all the negative impacts and should be patient while expanding the business. In this work, the advantages and disadvantages of the plan have been given. The PEST analysis is also given to gain an understanding how to make a proper judgment before entering the new market. At the end of the paper, the recommendation is present to give an idea of how to become successful in the international context for the Bulla Dairy.


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