The Tree Perspective


Write an essay on the tree perspective of the human resource management.


The first part of the assignment will conclude about the tree perspective of the human resource management in the overall organizational procedure. The idea of the human resource management is one of the important concepts, in the overall managerial plans and procedures. The significance of the human resource management will evaluate all the proceedings of the organization in an efficient manner (Daft, 2012). The reflection of the normative perception is the critical perspective of the overall human resource management. The first angle is known as the notion of the system view, which describes the overall proceedings of the organization, which is measured regarding input and output of the team.  

The role of the human resource management in this prospect is to provide the information, which is required by the human resource management to emphasize on the system as per the perspective of the human resource management. The second factor, which needs to be analyzed, is the behavioral aspect of the human resource management (Gosling et al., 2012). The theory holds the view to control different kinds of strategies, which will allow the organizations to develop a strong behavioral approach in the organization. The final aspect is the notion of the human resource ethics. Ethics needs to be developed keeping in mind the requirement of the organizational issues. 

The second part of the assignment will evaluate three important interview sessions, which includes competency-based interview, telephonic interview and panel interviews. All the three essential factors will be analyzed in the following part of the study.

Competency Based Interview 

To evaluate all the activities in a proper manner, the recruiter looks for various kinds of evidence, which includes proof of skills by asking the entire candidates competency, based questions (Hellriegel, 2012). With a view towards organizing a complete interview session among the candidates are entitled to perform Competency Based Interview session. 

Telephonic Interview 

In modern generations, there are different modes of the interview, which various organizations based on the requirements needs to organize different kind forms of the interview session. Out of all the interview session, one of the most com on and ultimate form of conversation is the notion of telephonic interview. The human resource department arranges this particular interview by applying the model of telephone, which is complete with the frequently asked telephonic questions.

Panel Interview 

The idea towards organizing panel discussion is to arrange one on one-interview sessions. Towards having arranged a proper one on one interview, by maintaining an appropriate group includes more than one interviewer (Hitt, Black and Porter, 2012).  All the questions, which are asked by the interviewer, are from different fields. Group interviews are developed in the organizations, which will diversify the prospect of the meeting in the group. 

There are certain organizational goals and objectives which majority of the business firms irrespective of nature as well as objectives of the company tries to accomplish in the overall activities of the enterprise (Kotler and Keller, 2012). The idea of motivation allows different employees in the organization to boost the individual performance of all the staff. There are different kinds of motivational theories which majority of the group irrespective of the nature and objective of the business follows towards motivating all the employees. In this particular assignment, there are two kinds of motivational theories, which are highlighted in the overview of the study.  

Maslow Theory of motivation 

The notion of Maslow’s motivational theory describes that a person does not feel a higher need until the current level have been satisfied. In order, evaluate this particular theory of motivation a pyramid needs to maintain to determine the needs of the employees. It is familiar that the wants of all the staff cannot be satisfied with the help of the limited resources of the organization (Leontiev, 2012). However, this particular pyramid includes six different factors, which includes Self-actualization, Esteem needs, social needs, safety needs, and physiological needs. The pyramid is developed from lower to higher keeping in mind the requirements of the employees. However, there are certain advantages as well as certain disadvantages towards the application of this particular theory.

Hertzberg Motivational theory of X and Y

The application of the Hertzberg Motivational hygiene theory is another famous motivational theory, which needs to be an emphasis on the overall motivational theories. There are two kinds of factors, which are included in the overall proceedings, which includes the notion of factor X as well as factor Y. Motivating factors include achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibilities, performance, and growths are the crucial factors which completed the notion of factor X. On the other hand, the hygienic factor includes policies of the companies, supervisions, work conditions, and salaries (Prastacos, Wang and Soderquist, 2012). All these factors need to be analyzed in a proper manner to evaluate all the activities of the organization in an appropriate way, which will allow the company to achieve the overall goals of the organizations.  

Both these theories have been broadly read and despite its weakness, its enduring value is that it recognizes that true motivation come from within a person and not from other factors, which affects the motivation of the organization. If the employees are satisfied as well as motivated, the team will be benefited in particular ways. It is one of the primary factors, which needs to be analyzed by the different team towards the achievement of the common organizational goals and objectives (Robbins and Coulter, 2012). 

This part of the study will examine the team role of Meredith Belbin. Meredith Belbin uses the notion of the motivational theory to evaluate all the functions of the teams in a proper manner. The application of the Belbin team role will allow the organization to get motivated in certain ways towards the application process of the team roles. The three important factors, which are analyzed in a proper manner, are reflected in the following part of the study. 

The application of the Belbin theory will allow the organization to find out the useful roles of the employees in an efficient manner (Tracy, 2013). This particular method also emphasize the effectiveness towards increasing the overall performance of the team, which includes different kinds of parameters, which includes productivity, as well as quality, needs to be fulfilled. The third role of this particular theory is to evaluate the operational management of the organization in different kinds of useful manner.  

This part of the assignment will focus on what are the different kinds of effectiveness towards developing proper as well as flexible working conditions. There are certain advantages as well as disadvantages towards the development process of appropriate and flexible working conditions. 

All the employees will be able to communicate properly with other employees, which will allow developing a free and transparent communication in the overall organizational plans and procedures (Wirba, 2012). The second factor is to evaluate the less rigidity in the working environment. A flexible working environment will also evaluate a proper decision-making process system in the organization. The fourth factor if the group maintains an appropriate as well as the flexible working environment the organization will be able to increase the overall productivity of the organization (Hellriegel, 2012). The fifth and the final factor, which needs to be 

Formulation of strategy is the process of adopting the best suitable action for identifying the objectives and goals of the organization and thereby achieving the vision of the organization. The following part of the assignment highlights a suitable process for formulating and implementing a new operation strategy for Pony Engine to manufacture lower-cost engines. And the steps involved in the process are listed below:

Setting objectives of the organization: Setting the long term objective of the organization is the primary component of any strategy. And strategies are considered as a medium, which helps in realizing the goals of the company (“Steps in Strategy Formulation Process”, 2016). In this case, Pony Electrics need to set their long-term goal of manufacturing low-cost engines.

Evaluating the environment of the organization: The next task of the organization is to evaluate the industrial and general economic environment, where the company is operating (“Steps in Strategy Formulation Process”, 2016). In this case, Pony Electronics need to evaluate its market environment and thoroughly study the products and service provided by its competitors.

Setting quantitative targets: in this step the organization need to fix the values of the quantitative targets, for the objectives of the organization (“Steps in Strategy Formulation Process”, 2016).

Aiming in context with the division plan: In this particular step, the company needs to aim in context with the plan of division.

Analyzing performance: In this step the organization need to critically evaluate the past performance of the company, present situation and the desired future goals of the organization (“Steps in Strategy Formulation Process”, 2016). In this case, the long-term goal of the company is to manufacture low-cost goods.

Choosing strategy: In the final step, the company needs to choose a suitable strategy after realizing the goals and objectives of the company. 

With the development of the technology the Pony Engines are facing tough competition from the engines that are imported from the Asian countries, so to survive in the business it is important for the company to consider variety while establishing a new industry. The company needs to have variation in their products so that it can attract a huge number of customers. 

Manufacturing process technology is the field of study that concentrates on improving the manufacturing processes, equipment and techniques in order to cut down the cost of production, enhance the reliability, incorporate safety and increase efficiency (Street 2015).

Material processing: It can be defined as the series of unit operations and steps that are used for converting raw materials into finished goods. This operation involves a string of industrial processes, together with various chemical and mechanical procedures. Examples of material processing are pressing, cutting, joining and others (Kneese et al 2015).

Information processing: It is the change of information in any form, which can be identified by an observer. In manufacturing organization information processing gives all the relevant information to the company that is related to the production process (Kneese et al 2015).

Customer processing: this technology helps the organization by providing an immediate interface between a company and its clients or it provides human interaction with the client. The direct interaction between the organization and the customers are considered as a low-technology activity, so the firms are using information technology to make this interaction more effective and fruitful (Kneese et al 2015).

Total quality management: Total quality management is an extensive and well-defined approach that helps the management of the organization to improve the quality of the services and products with the help of ongoing refinements, with response to the feedback received continuously. The TQM can be adopted in any type of organization; it has basically originated in the manufacturing industries. The processes of the TQM are divided into four parts and they are: plan, do check and act (Gimenez-Espin et al 2013).

Business process reengineering: BPR is the process of analyzing and redesigning workflows between and within the organization, which helps in optimizing end-to-end processes and helps in automating non-value-added tax (Gimenez-Espin et al 2013).

Six-Sigma: Six-Sigma is considered as a disciplined, approach and methodology, which is driven by data and helps in eliminating defects during any process, which may include product manufacturing, the transaction of the product and product to service. 

Lean: Lean is considered as a systematic method, which helps the firm in eliminating waste within the manufacturing system.

After discussing the four approaches we can infer that Pony Engines should adopt the TQM approach because it is a manufacturing industry and TQM an extensive and well-defined approach that helps the management of the organization to improve the quality of the services and products with the help of ongoing refinements, with response to the feedback received continuously. The TQM can be adopted in any type of organization; it has basically originated in the manufacturing industries.

The balanced scorecard approached has revolutionized the traditional thinking related to the performances matrix. This concept was first introduced by Kaplan and Norton in 1992. This approach helped the companies to highlight financial results together with accessing growth in constructing the capabilities required for growth. The balanced scorecard approach involves four processes and they are (Chen et al 2014):

The first process is also known as translating the vision, which will help the manager of Pony Engines to build a consensus related to the strategy of the company and highlight it in such a way that it can guide the local level action. The second process is communicating and linking. The third and the last process is business planning, which will help Pony Engines in integrating their business plan with their financial plans. The fourth process is feedback and learning, this process enhances the strategic learning capacity of the company by collecting regular feedbacks (Chen et al 2014).

Along with different advantages, the balance scorecard approach also has some disadvantages and they are:

This approach is time-consuming and costly

The balance scorecard approach provides incomplete information

And this approach is resisted by the employees.

Three different Key Performance Indicators are highlighted below:

Key result indicator: this particular indicator highlights the past performance of the organization. The key result indicators include satisfaction of the customer, net pretax profit, customer profitability, the satisfaction of the employees and also includes return on employed capital (Parmenter and David 2014).

Performance indicators: This indicator tells the employees and management of the organization, what they need to do (Parmenter and David 2014).

Result indicators: This indicator tells the management and the employees, what they have done in the past (Parmenter and David 2014).

The key performance indicator helps in measuring the performance of an operation that is crucial to the success of the organization. And benchmarking is a method which improves the performance in a logical and systematic way and this is done by comparing and measuring the performance of one with the other and then utilize the learned knowledge for making targeted improvements. So using these two approaches together will add to the value of the company (Marr and Bernard 2012).

Prior to the establishment of a new factory in the Asia- Pacific region, the manager of the Pony Engines need to conduct an environment analysis of the country, where the company is planning to start its new industry. The manager of the company needs to study the economic, cultural, political, legal and technical environment of the country. He also needs to understand the market structure, where the company wants to expand their business. And the manager should also conduct a thorough study of the competitors present in the market. This will help the Pony Engines to operate successfully in the new location.


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